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Sage Alerts & Workflow’s “Active Alerts” technology offers options beyond simple email reminders. It is an invisible assistant, watching over your business and warning you and your staff when conditions require your attention that no one has followed up on, such as stock items that require reorders or overdue invoices. This is a virtual assistant who takes care of repetitive business processes, such as delivering client invoices and statements, assigning leads to salespeople, and distributing analytical reports to your staff. As an assistant, Sage Alerts & Workflow also monitors your website and incoming email for requests and other inquiries, including questions for your customer support staff, requests for product information, and registrations for class enrollments.

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LU2’s customers is to provide professional expertise in a timely manner. Although most questions can be answered by telephone and remote online support calls, responsive onsite service is my strong suit. When my clients need me, 24/7, I take action. I am an experienced professional with extense business and accounting experience. I have implemented systems for retailers, manufacturers, distributors, and a wide variety of service and specialty companies.

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