Software Implementation

Software Implementation

In all ERP system implementations, LU² works closely with you and your accountant through all phases of the engagement. We review the chart of accounts, beginning balances, report formats, procedures, controls, and a wide array of other critical implementation issues. The company uses a structured project management approach throughout its consultation with you for the duration of our partnership. This methodology consists of the following phases:

Planning Consultation – At this time, LU² conducts a detailed review of the given module, to include the configuration of module options and master files. During this phase, the company identifies and plans for advantageous procedural changes that maximize the new software’s efficiency.

Data File Setup – As appropriate, LU² will assist your staff in gathering information and defining data requirements for the company’s database.

Training – LU² can provide you with support—both directly and by providing training that builds local capacity—that may be necessary to accomplish daily tasks toward completing transactions within each implemented module.

LU² does everything to assure you and your organization that throughout the implementation process, the company will go out of our way to understand and work within your business model, as well as to commit to supporting your organization to the extent you require.

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