LU²–a consulting company with 30 years of industry expertise– provides client organizations with customized, flexible, and responsive solutions and support in business process automation and strategic planning. The company’s solutions find basis in deep-seated, longstanding knowledge and work with SAGE 100 and similar ERP systems. In addition to advanced experience, clients of LU² appreciate the company’s cost-efficient solutions and streamlined access and feedback, thanks to its strategically small scale, which mitigates intermediary expenses and provides for direct and regular communication with its founder. LU² is the ideal solution for smaller businesses, providing a tailored software solution that offers strategic, hands-on, and quick response problem solving. The company is there for you based on your needs—even as they change!—whether for a few days, a few weeks, or on a retainer basis, depending on what works best for you. Equally, LU² offers larger companies with immense added benefits, serving as the “overflow valve” beyond their financial departments’ capacity limits; the company is available to execute financial projects when critical projects or looming deadlines overload in-house staff. In short, no matter your company size, regularity of service need, or requirements, LU² has the capacity and expertise to provide support across industries spanning distribution, manufacturing, and retail.

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